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Flo Patsy's Tales

I am an amateur blogger who loves to write stories based on my own experience. I always believe that life has always a story to tell so we must write one. I love to share what I feel about anything in life like love, letting go, happiness, encouragement, success or anything that I can think of


I’ve always wanted to write. I can’t say I’m a good writer but when I started blogging many years ago in Friendster, a lot of friends and people in my network loved what I wrote. So it inspired me to continue writing. It all started when life was beginning to take a toll on me. I was on the brink of giving up and I vented out all my frustrations on writing. I still have a copy of those articles. I hope I have time to look for them and maybe publish them here.


I’m not sure why I really stopped writing. I guess I went to another country to find a job and things just got so hectic. Sometimes, you’re just so wrapped up in your busy life that you forget to do what you love the most. I have learned that we only live once so we might as well make the most out of it.


So here I am, with a vigorous push from a person very close to my heart and an encouragement from a former college teacher, starting to write again. This site will be a compilation of thoughts from me. I love to travel and fortunately, I have started to do that (though not to a lot of places still) so there will be some articles about my trips. I love traveling with my family or siblings so I guess they will be in my exposés most of the time. But I won’t kerb my articles to my travels only. It will be an assortment of fun, melancholy, encouragement and anything that I can think of mostly based on my experience. And of course, my famous family anecdotes.


I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and learn a thing or two from them and maybe bring a smile on your face, too.

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