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Are You Speeding?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I have realized that people who drive learn one thing. Impatience. They become impatient when driving. They try to be ahead of anybody. They cut queues. They overtake. They won’t give way. They honk copiously. They speed. I don’t know how to drive. It’s one of the things on my bucket list. I know. Don’t ask me why. I’m going to do it one day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But just being the passenger gives me an advantage. I can observe what’s happening on the road. I can see what kind of a driver the person is behind the wheel. Most of the drivers speed. They want to be ahead of everybody. That’s why a lot of accidents happen on the road everyday. I understand that we’re rushing for work, we’re hurrying to go somewhere and we’re late for an appointment. But we don’t realize that by speeding, we are risking not only our own lives but others as well. You can’t undo what has happened. You can’t bring back a life. You can’t rewind to how and where it has started. I have noticed that some people speed not because they are rushing. They speed because of conceit. Most of those who speed are driving expensive cars like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, Porsche. Don’t bother about Ferraris. They are designed to fly. :) So, people who drive these cars always want to be in the lead. They don’t even give way. You could even hear what they’re thinking, “Hell, I got the best car. Why would I be behind?” Don’t get me wrong. I’m just telling in general and it’s based on what I have observed. Another group of motorists who speed are those who are driving motorbikes. They also seem to think they’re the kings of the road, racing along the highway, getting through any crevice they think they can squeeze in. It’s not a surprise they’re in the news most of the time, having the high statistics on road accidents. Again, not all of them though. The funniest thing is, everybody’s driving so fast, rushing past each other but they stop at the intersection at the same time when the red light is on. And the next thing we know, when the green light flashes, one driver is ahead of the other who has been ahead of him a while ago. I think we speed because we need to reach our destination as fast as we can. We want to be ahead of others because we always consider life as a race. We don’t want to be behind. We want to be ahead. When we are rushing, we miss to see some blessings that we pass by along the way. We forget to see the beauty of life. We are so focused on getting to our destination that sometimes, we collide with other people, our family, friends or loved ones, not only hurting them but also wounding ourselves. We need to drive slowly. I’m not saying like a turtle. We don’t want to hog the road, do we? We just need to enjoy every drive. We need to see the little things that we tend to overlook. We can rush but with care. We can speed but with temperance. We will reach our destination eventually. There’s no need to hurry. I’m going to learn how to drive soon. I know I won’t speed because I’m really scared of taking the wheel. That’s why I still don’t know how to drive until now. I may not be an experienced driver but just a friendly reminder from me, be careful and don’t speed.

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