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Back to the Future in 2015

My topic today is inspired by the movie Back to the Future Part II. I’m sure a lot of you in our generation have seen this movie since the prequel of this was a box office hit back then and it became one of my favorites.

The movie was about a boy who was shoved into the year 2015, 30 years into the future together with his scientist friend. As much as I was amazed by all of the modern technology that the movie showed in 2015, it actually didn’t happen when that year came in reality. I mean there were no flying cars, self-tying Nike shoes, automated dog-walking leash and all those futuristic settings that a future should have as shown in futuristic movies. Although we already have facial recognition and video calls in the year 2015.

Anyway, 2015 was 5 years ago. I was thinking of what happened that year, I mean in my life and the world but well, mostly in my life so, I may as well take myself down the memory lane.


We started our annual family photoshoot in January of 2015. This was the time when my sister got so mad at something and refused to do the photoshoot with us. I was so disheartened that I cried, scared that it wouldn’t push through. But all was well that ended well and finally, we had our first family photoshoot.

My family


This is one of history’s most important events. Who wouldn’t know LKY, who made Singapore a first world country and one of the four Asian tigers? In that year, on March 23, he passed away. Thousands of mourners and supporters queued up to pay their last respect and one of them was me. It was really an ordeal since we started to fall in line at 8 in the evening and we reached inside the Parliament at 5 or 6 in the morning the next day. Since it was already Saturday, my friends and I went to have breakfast at McDonald’s and I went ahead to attend the Novena for the Blessed Mother. And for the rest of the day? I stayed in bed and slept.

Going back home after paying respect to LKY


Reilly is my first godson in Singapore. He’s the youngest son of my landlady and good friend, Lou. Their family is actually a second family to me. He was born in October 2014 and was baptized in May 2015. He’s turning 6 next week. How fast time flies!

Reilly and Mommy


So, we decided to spend summer in June of 2015. It was actually a first in my family, going out of town together. We went to one of my favorite places in the country, Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island, Davao del Norte. We also celebrated my sister’s birthday there. We had fun, swam a lot, relaxed a little and ate a feast. Pearl Farm is truly a recommended place for exclusivity and seclusion. A very highly recommended resort.


So, I decided to let my sister come and visit me in Singapore in August of that year. It was a perfect timing since it was the country’s 50th National Day. I took her to the famous tourist spots in the city and of course, to a shopping spree. She did experience the celebration of Singapore’s 50th with all the crowd in the city. I’m pretty sure she had a great time.


I’ve always been a fan of Bon Jovi. So, when I learned that he was the major performer in 2015’s F1 Race in Singapore, I bought a ticket to see him perform live. I’m not really into car racing but I wasn’t there for that. Besides, I’ve heard that you really can’t enjoy watching the race when you’re in the arena. It’s better to see it on TV where you can see the whole race. Seeing someone I’ve admired ever since I was young, it was really one of the best nights of my life. It was worth the expensive ticket. :)


So, I took a few days leave of absence to be a tourist guide to my uncle and my aunt. It was an anniversary gift from their eldest daughter, my cousin Excel. I’m sure they enjoyed their holiday there but I did apologize for letting them walk all the time. They’re very cool tourists though.

There are still a few to mention but I opt to keep it with me. Life will never be like in the movies. Reality bites in real life. But well, flying cars or no flying cars, 2015 will be like the rest of the past years where there were major events that happened in the world. There will always be changes, failures and victories. And of course, life has to go on every year. This is the reason why we are still breathing. As what I always say, let us just seize every moment.

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