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Copy and Not So Paste

Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

I remember during the 2016 elections campaign period, a person copied my friend's thought-provoking post to her wall.

A radio station caught it and they interviewed the person on air.

It wasn't really a big deal if that person admitted that it wasn't her post initially and she just copied it.

But no, she reveled in that few minutes of fame and basked in all the glory without shame. She made it seem like the idea was all from her.

My friend didn't confront her but my friend's friend did.

But that person refused to admit that it wasn't hers.

I appreciate those who get inspiration from my posts or writings. I am flattered. It makes me happy.

But I wish that we don't copy the full context and act as if it's our thoughts.

We should rephrase it. Or if we can't, we can credit it to the owner.

It's like when we are in school. Our teachers remind us to rephrase every sentence we get from books and other resources.

I also remember that a friend was accused of plagiarism by her teacher because she wrote her review of the movie The Beach so well.

That alone caused a stir even if my friend originally wrote it. What more if she just copied everything from something that was not hers?

I'm very particular when I write. I always see to it that I'm not copying any sentence or phrase as a courtesy to the writer or the original article.

It may only be a normal or ordinary post. But I still don't think it's good to copy someone's thoughts word by word and get full credit for it.

Wouldn't it be more fulfilling if we post original thoughts?

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