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Falling in Love Like Bella

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

It was 10 years ago that the movie adaptation of Twilight came out. It was a huge commercial success and it catapulted Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson into bankable stars overnight. The movie disappointed me, actually. I loved the book so much that it didn’t meet my expectations and so with the sequels. I just felt like watching them for the sake that I had read all the novels before and it was the fad. But then I started to watch the saga again from Twilight to Breaking Dawn Part II a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, I began to appreciate the movie adaptations and I felt thrilled seeing Edward came into life (he was my favorite character in the book). It was then I realized that Robert Pattinson gave justice to Edward’s character. I began to notice how beautiful he is. I got also sucked into the triangle of Bella, Edward and Jacob. Though Edward’s feelings for Bella were truly something that every girl wishes to have, it was Bella’s character that made me ponder on how it is to fall in love. I never gave much thought of Bella when I read the books. For me, she was selfish, trying to keep both of the most gorgeous guys to stay with her. I know every girl would envy her. Who wouldn’t? Two gorgeous guys fighting over one very ordinary girl. And one of them was a perfect package any girl could want for in a man. Though, I liked the weirdness in Bella. It was something that I wished I could ever have. But after watching the movie again, I came to fathom what a good soul she was, an altruistic individual, a person who loved unconditionally. I can say I fall in love like Bella. When I love someone, I love without asking for something in return. Of course, I expect the person to love me back but it doesn’t mean he has to love me as much as I love him. I give my all. I’m willing to make a sacrifice. I do what it takes to make the one I love so happy. But unlike Bella’s, my love story has never had a happy ending. Bella was very lucky to be smitten by someone like Edward. I know, I know. It only happens in romantic books and movies. Like Bella, I’d rather be hurt than hurting the one I love or seeing him getting hurt by someone. Yes, I once hurt a person I loved. I asked for a second chance but it had never been the same as before. Rather than hating each other one day, I chose to let go after many years of believing that everything was going to be all right again. Letting go was one of the best things that I ever did. It finally gave us a chance to move on with our lives. It gave me a sense of freedom and belonging to myself. Because when I fall in love, I seem to lose my individuality. Like Bella, I still believe in forever, maybe not in this life. I still believe that falling in love is one of the best things that one can experience and feel. For Bella, being with Edward made her normal in a not normal world. She felt that she finally belonged. And I guess every woman wants to belong to the right man. I couldn’t ever take the last scene from the Breaking Dawn Part II out of my mind. As the song “A Thousand Years” played in the background, Bella showed Edward her thoughts about her love for him. As Edward looked so entranced with her memories, Bella told him, “Now you know. Nobody’s ever loved anybody as much as I love you.” Oh, yes! I’m a hopeless romantic indeed.

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