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God Heal America

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Lincoln Memorial | Photo Courtesy of Antet Sanchez

As I was trying to accept that the recent crisis that the world is facing is becoming a norm, one friend dropped me a message telling me about what’s happening in the USA. As I told her that I’ve been avoiding news that give me stress, another friend shared some posts about the current situation there. And yes, it’s not something we can turn a blind eye to.

It’s quite sad that what happened to George Floyd created a chain of disastrous events. Of course, who wouldn’t be enraged? A helpless man was begging for his life but fell on deaf ears. He lost his life without giving a chance to fight. Discrimination is as rampant now as it was even before most of us were born. I always think that too much hatred only happens in the movies. But the harsh reality is, it’s happening in real life.

Looking at the news and videos of the protests in Minneapolis, I feel truly sad for America, the land of freedom and equality, a country in which people from other nations envision themselves living the American dream.

I feel truly sad for the people, that they have succumbed to that kind of aggression. We are supposed to be a beacon of peace but we begin to be an instrument of chaos.

I feel truly sad for our society for forgetting what humanity is all about. We are supposed to be civilized. But instead, we begin to be savages again.

I feel truly sad because amidst the pandemic, instead of healing as one, we start inflicting pain to one another.

As much as I understand the reason for their protests, I don’t understand why the looting. But this is not the time to judge. This is not the time to point fingers. This is the time to make things right.

We fight against violence. We unite against discrimination, be it in race or color. We stand to promote peace. Black, white, brown, yellow. We are all equal in the eyes of God. All lives matter.

As what my friend has said, we can’t correct a mistake by committing another mistake. We can’t end violence with another violence. We can’t bring back George Floyd’s life by hurting each other. All we can do is hope and pray that justice be served for what happened to him.

As we feel helpless with what’s been happening in the USA right now, our hearts go out to the people who are affected especially our family and friends. We pray that America will get out from this mayhem. May she rise from this fall. May she get through this ordeal.

May God heal America.

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