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In Memory of Powder, an Exceptional Pooch

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

April 9, 2013. He was a dog who didn’t know how to walk. When he’s being freed from his pen, he would run from one place to another. We never saw him walking. He was always running. He was a big tease, annoying our other dogs and the cats. Though he was fierce most of the time with people, he was afraid of the other dogs in the neighborhood. He would eat anything laid down on his bowl, from bone bits to vegetables to any piece left. He would finish his meal to the last grain. He would even eat pebbles and bits of woods and papers or anything that his mouth could hold of. He loved to grab things and when he’s caught and yelled at, he would drop it and dash. But when nobody’s looking, he would grab that thing again and run away, feeling victorious of his mission. When he’s obstinate to go back to his den, we would get a basin of water and scare him together with these words, “beh, beh, beh!” Later on, even without the water, he would be terrified hearing those 3 ominous words, and in a flash, he was already in his abode. He was fierce yet sweet, brave yet a coward. And he made a big difference in our lives. No dog could ever be like him. He was really one exceptional pooch. We will truly miss you, Powder. Thank you for those 6 years of giving us fun, irritating us to death and loving us beyond doubt.

I have posted this on my FB page 7 years ago on this same day when he crossed the rainbow bridge. I just want to remember him today by including this piece on my blog page.

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