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Love in the Time of Corona

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

A huge thanks to Amy for the photo. Let us all pray for her and the rest of the warriors in this time of crisis.

Being under home quarantine gives you a lot of time to think on what topic to write next. But then again, I’ve been like under home quarantine for over a year now since quitting my job. So, it’s not really new to me.

I first heard about the corona virus when I was in Cebu for a holiday. I wasn’t expecting that it would blow out of proportion. China is one of the advanced countries to date so I guess they could just contain the virus the soonest possible. So, I just became complacent, feeling confident since we didn’t have any reported confirmed cases in our country anyway until two weeks ago.

Now, as the world is struggling to deal with this outbreak, I feel frustrated, helpless and scared. Frustrated because almost all the people in the world are infected. Helpless because there’s nothing much I can do. Scared because we may not be spared from the infection.

I don’t really have a story to tell about the current situation. I haven't had a first-hand experience handling the issue. I don’t know somebody who is infected. The necessary precautions and other pertinent information have already been disseminated across any social media and in the news, so I don’t want to repeat that. The true stories that I read in social media are very distressing and heart-breaking. They truly make you weep. It just made me ponder on how we could also do our part and care through the quotes I have come up.

It’s not the time to complain, point fingers and blame. We all have a moral and social obligation to fulfill to each other. If we can’t be in the battlefield, we can help our warriors by being responsible and aware of the threat and hazard that this outbreak can cause everyone. By this, we can save a life, even our own.

Lately, the number of cases is increasing and it’s scary. But at least, it’s becoming transparent for everyone to be fully aware and take the necessary precautions. Let’s follow orders and be safe.

The story of the doctor who died because a patient lied about his travel history was one example of irresponsibility. And by the time he knew he was infected, it was already too late. The patient died, too. If he could have just told the truth right there and then, both could still be alive today. Always remember that we can’t undo what has been done. We can’t bring back a life. Be honest. Be open. Don’t lie. It’s the only way you won’t let yourself and another person die.

Before we act selfishly in these trying times, we must consider that the numbers can become overwhelming, giving the frontliners no option but to choose who to save and who to let perish. We can be the latter. Follow the rules. Obey the orders. Let’s save each other’s lives. We don’t want to make the same mistake that one country did. They became too complacent and by the time they realized that it was getting out of hand, a lot of lives had already been lost.

Protect our warriors, the frontliners. Bear in mind that they may also get stricken and by no means can carry their commitment to help. As much as we want to go out, they wish to stay home. Let us do our part to battle this outbreak. Everyone has his own duty to let everyone live.

Yes, we are all scared. But we can pull this through. Humans always see the bright side of a bad situation. This is how we survive.

And as we pray every night that God will watch us as we sleep, let us also pray for those afflicted that they may wake up tomorrow already healed. May God heal our land. May God give us another chance.

There was an earthquake last night. Everybody was saying not now, not in the time of corona. We may think that we have been abandoned. But maybe God has just been trying to test our faith. Now is the time to pray more. Now is the time to keep our faith. We may ask why but we won’t get the answer no matter how we ask many times. Just remember that some good things never last. So, this, too, shall pass. God will never forsake us.

As I end this blog, here are some of my additional own quotes to express how I feel regarding the recent issue that has racked the whole world.

Your wish has been granted. Not only you get one day to rest but a whole month to sleep all you want. Make the most out of it.

In the face of crisis, we must set aside hierarchy. Prioritize what is urgent. Be selfless. Just care.

This invisible enemy can’t make all our allies come running to us. We will suffer alone. Fight this foe by staying at home.

Thank you so much to my niece, Antet for the photo. I love you big. Let us include her in our prayers, too.

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