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My Christmas Tale

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

My favorite Christmas ornament

When we were still little kids, we used to hang socks on Christmas eve so that Santa could fill them with goodies. So, on Christmas day, we had a lot of sweets and treats plus a 20 peso bill. My dad was really a generous Santa (20 pesos was like Wow! back then).

I have a lot of wonderful Christmas memories with my parents. When they were still alive, Christmas for us meant crispy pata (pork knuckle). It also meant that my dad was around during the holidays. It meant that they would all receive presents from me. It meant that we were complete. The last time we spent Christmas together as a family was a year before my mom died. And that was 12 years ago. I could still remember how happy she was when she would see us all together during this season. And I could also remember how fun it was spending it with my family. You know we are a boisterous bunch when we get together. It’s like all hell breaks loose when we’re all around. I really don’t want to get melodramatic on this day but the year before my mom died, I had a chance to spend time with her before the year ended but I opted to spend less than two days with her. I never even went home for Christmas. And then the blow came. Three months after the joyous season, she passed away. We all didn’t expect it. We really never saw it coming. I have been carrying the guilt until now, that somehow I should have spent more time with her. But I can never go back, I know. ​ Somehow, losing my parents brought me and my siblings closer though I can’t spend Christmas with them again now. But they all know how much I love them and how I hold them close to my heart. That’s what matters most.

Christ is the true meaning of Christmas. He gave up His life for us. I think it’s time we do something in return. We may never surpass what He did for us but it will be epic if we do something good. Christmas for me means wishing everyone happiness. It means spending more time together with family and loved ones. It means giving without expecting something in return. It means paying it forward. It means bridging any gap. It means forgiveness. ​So, on this day, throw aside all antipathy and take in all amity. You never know, it will be the greatest Christmas you ever have. Merry Christmas, everyone!

The above article was first published on my FB page on December 24, 2013.

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