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My List of Delayed Resolutions

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I should have been writing about the latest issue but it’s still quite sensitive and I still need to think on how I write about it, so I shifted to another topic. Besides, we need to lighten things up amidst the scare and the panic all over the world.

I know it’s quite late to write about new year’s resolutions. It’s already March and I should be writing about graduation and moving forward on what to do next after graduating. But I just watched the movie New Year’s Eve again on Netflix and it made me ponder on my own resolutions and how I can deal with them and how they will affect me in life.

New Year’s Eve is a 2011 movie that follows several interrelated stories of different individuals going through several issues on New Year’s Eve. It’s a kind of a “feel good” movie, making you smile after watching it. But what inspired me to write about my topic right now was the character of Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie. She’s Ingrid Withers, a secretary of a recording company, who quit her job on New Year’s Eve when she was denied a vacation after having a near death experience.

After quitting her job, she decided to accomplish her resolutions by 12 midnight on New Year’s Eve with the help of Paul Doyle played by Zac Efron, the recording company’s deliveryman in exchange of tickets to the company’s masquerade ball.

It was quite challenging for Paul since Ingrid’s resolutions were a bit tough to fulfill. It was more of a bucket list. On the list were to quit her job (which she had already done), go to Bali, see the world, save a life, take a taxi without traffic, learn how to dance, breakfast at Tiffany’s, walk all 5 boroughs in one day, be amazed and kiss someone during the Times Square Ball Drop on New Year’s Day. While he was telling her that it was physically impossible, Ingrid told him to use his imagination. And before the clock struck 12, Ingrid already accomplished what’s on the list.

I haven’t been doing resolutions for quite some time now because honestly, I haven’t fulfilled most of them. I’m more of the “I will cross the bridge when I get there” type. But watching this movie again made me realize that I must come up with my own resolutions and this time, I need to fulfill them.

So, here’s a list of what I want to start to do starting this year:

1. Finish a book every week. I’ve always loved to read. I could even finish one book within a few hours. But ever since I got distracted with social media, I put reading aside for quite some time. I’ve still been buying books and been hoarding them. I also received books from friends. I think it’s time to read them this time. By the way, I’m currently reading Jeffrey Archer’s Be Careful What You Wish For.

2. Go to sleep before 12 midnight. I’ve always been a late sleeper. But when you’re not getting any younger, everything you do is exhausting. So, I decided to go to sleep before 12 midnight. I’ve already been doing it and it gives me a good start in the morning when I wake up. I don’t feel tired and I start my day with a good vibe.

3. Listen to a worship song and pray first thing in the morning. I already started praying in the morning ever since I was a little girl. But lately, as I was telling you about social media, sometimes I check on my phone first before praying. So, I made it a point now to listen to a worship song and pray when I wake up in the morning. I’ve been listening to worship songs in the morning for over a year now. Don Moen’s have been a favorite ever since and Brian Littrel’s In Christ Alone is a new one. I’m not a very religious person but being spiritual makes my day better and right.

4. Create a blog site. Checked. Done. I always love to write. I started blogging in Friendster and most of the people and friends in my network loved what I wrote. I wanted to continue writing so I decided to have my own personal blog site. I don’t know where it’s leading me but at least, I have a reason to write frequently.

5. Post a blog every week. I know it’s tough to come up with a topic but pushing myself to post a blog every week will let me continue writing and think of something to write from time to time. Since I’m not working at the moment, it seems to be a very good opportunity to let even my brain work.

6. Write my appointments and random errands. My sisters, the twins gave me a planner, so I’ll put it to good use. I’m going to write the things that I want to do by schedule and put a remark that I’ve already done one. I already did it before, but I don’t know why I stopped. Well, I’ve decided to be a bit organized again once and for all. :)

7. Spend time with friends. Life is too short and fragile and the next thing you know, somebody has been gone. So, I decided that I will attend high school reunions and gatherings, show support to our classmates who are grieving or accept invites to have coffee, lunch or dinner with friends occasionally.

8. Travel with my family every year. I want to let my nieces and nephews experience traveling at a very young age. They have been to Singapore already, but they all complained of too much walking when they were there. But they have shown interest to travel again so I included this in my resolution. It doesn’t have to be a trip overseas. We will start with the places and cities in the Philippines first. I know it’s tough planning a trip for more than 5 people. You always need to consider the budget and everyone’s availability. But I hope we can start this year. Who knows?

So, there goes my new year’s resolutions. I’m glad I came up with some. These will give me a direction, a goal to fulfill, a target to achieve. It will help me to be more active, thinking on my next topic, giving me the discipline that I’ve needed ever since I quit my job. I’ve been so idle for over a year and I just need something to feel enthusiastic again.

As what Ingrid told Paul in the movie, “Make a list of your own. Don’t wait as long as I did.” And it’s never too late for anything as long as you’re determined to do it. Now go and write a list.

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