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My Memories of Bali

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Memories have really lit the corners of my mind so I’m going to write about my trip to Bali with my sisters. It’s been 3 years since my youngest sisters, the twins told me that they were going to spend their birthday in Bali. As what happens when they tell their trip plans, my other sisters and I decided to tag along.

Bali is one of the famous destination islands in the world. There are a lot of tourist attractions there actually but given the short time we spent there, we only went to a few.

Bali surprised me. Imagine my astonishment that they serve pork in their cafés and restaurants since I’ve always believed that Indonesia is habited mostly by Muslims. But Bali’s predominant religion is Hinduism. And you can see a lot of Australians in Bali. It’s because this island is near to Australia.

Anyway, let me recall where we stayed and the places we went to and what to try in Bali.

Private pool at Villa Adhyatma

Villa Adhyatma

We stayed in this 3-bedroom villa with its own private pool. We also had somebody to take care of the cleaning and our breakfast during our stay here. If you are traveling in a group, villas are most practical not to mention very secluded.

Villa Adhyatma is situated in Seminyak. Seminyak is the quietest among the popular suburban parts in Bali. Usually, tourists stay here or in Kuta or Legian. Kuta is where the fun and parties are located. The night is always young in Kuta.

The Bedugul Botanical Garden

We didn’t have this in our itinerary initially but the twins saw an IG post on this location so they asked if we could go here. It’s the opposite side of our next destination. If you like peace, quiet and nature, you will love the place. But it is something you just can see anywhere.

Behind my beautiful sister, the other twin is the Tanah Lot Temple.

Pura Tanah Lot or Tanah Lot Temple

This is the second site in our itinerary on our first day. You don’t want to miss this tour when you’re in Bali. Tanah Lot Temple is located on a large offshore rock in Tabanan, Bali and is believed to be guarded by sea snakes to ward off bad elements.

Batu Pulong Temple

Pura Batu Pulong or Batu Pulong Temple

This is another temple near to Tanah Lot Temple.

Beautiful sunset at Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple

This temple is situated at the edge of a 70-meter-high cliff overlooking the sea. You must be careful when you visit the temple. It is inhabited by monkeys who are famous for snatching the tourists’ belongings especially sunglasses and hats. Just don’t go near them or don’t wear something that they can snatch easily. And don’t miss the sunset here. It’s one of the best.

Kecak Dance

Don’t miss this show at 6:00 PM when you’re in Uluwatu. It’s a Balinese Hindu traditional dance performed mostly by a group of men which involves chants and fire.

The pleasure pool at Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali

This is the third attraction we went to on the second day of our tour. It’s a 3.8-hectare waterpark where everybody can enjoy, kids and adults alike. There are a lot of rides you can choose from. If you’re into waterparks, you will enjoy it here.

Hard Rock Café Bali

So, we decided to feel rich and celebrated the twins’ birthday here. We let them go into the stage and had the band acknowledged their birthday.

Seminyak Beach

Pantai Seminyak or Seminyak Beach

We passed by this beach while walking to Potato Head Beach Club. It is just an ordinary beach but you know, the beach or the sea is a relaxing place to hang out. The sea breeze is always soothing.

Potato Head Beach Club

My sister wanted to go here so once again, we decided to feel rich…haha! This is one of the beach clubs with a great ambiance and great service but pricey (Of course, great things come with a high price). It’s a good thing they accept walk-ins so we enjoyed a few hours of good view, good food and relaxation. And you can also take a dip in their pool even if you’re only a walk-in guest.

Phalam Batik & Souvenirs

We recommend this souvenir shop in Denpansar, Bali. There are a lot of souvenir items you can buy to bring back home as “pasalubong” or presents. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of the shop.

Chocolate cheese serabi


It is an Asian pancake made from rice flour and shredded coconut milk and cooked in an earthenware pan on charcoal fire. I tried the chocolate cheese flavor at Waroeng Soerabi Bandung. You can have it in other varieties like pisang (banana) chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, etc. Don’t miss to try this delicious delicacy when you’re in Bali.

All in all, our trip to Bali was quite pleasant except for one incident wherein my other sisters were duped by the taxi driver about the fare. We took 2 separate cabs going back to the villa from the beach club. They paid more for just a short distance since they couldn’t see what’s on the meter reader properly. They only realized when we arrived home and found out that we only paid a lesser fare. Well, charge it to experience as what they always say.

I know we missed most of the scenic spots in Bali especially the Ubud area, the famous giant swing, seafood dinner at Jimbaran and many more but well, we can still go back, fingers crossed. We just don’t know when. Time can only tell.

Before I end this blog, I want to acknowledge April, our timid and very polite caretaker during our stay in the villa and the ever chatty and friendly driver and tour guide, Yogi. They made our stay in Bali more comfortable and safer.

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