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My Not So Movie Review: The Kissing Booth 2

Photo Art by Erika Enriquez

Who isn't familiar with the story of Noah and Elle from the movie The Kissing Booth? Right from the start, their relationship has been complicated because of one of the bestie rules Elle has with her best friend Lee, Noah’s brother. Rule Number 9: Relatives of your best friend are off-limits. Meaning, they can’t date a family or relative of theirs. But as what most love stories end, Noah and Elle have their happy ending with Lee also having his happy ending with Rachel. Or have they?

Their love story continues in The Kissing Booth 2. Just as everything is going well, Noah goes to Harvard University to start college which leaves Elle hearing everyone gossiping that she and Noah will eventually breakup. But still, she decides not to be a clingy girlfriend and just leave Noah be in Boston. But things get complicated when Elle goes to visit Noah and is introduced to his friends including the drop-dead gorgeous Chloe. Just as she’s battling that feeling of insecurity, she finds an earring under Noah’s bed. She confronts Noah about it and he denies that he’s cheating on her and tells her just to trust him. But knowing how hot Noah is and his reputation, it’s quite hard for Elle to believe him.

So, as she returns to LA, she meets Marco, the new hottest boy in school. They team up for a dance competition which Lee is supposed to do with her but backs out due to a fake injury. He is also having problems with Rachel who is insecure of Lee’s friendship with Elle and he needs to do something about it.

When the day of the competition comes, Elle is still feeling blue about her and Noah. So, when they finish their dance, she is overwhelmed of how very well they have performed that she kisses Marco right in front of the big crowd oblivious that Noah is there, wanting to surprise her. Can you imagine how Noah feels then? The look on his face is the saddest in that movie.

Anyway, when Elle sees Noah’s disheartened face in the crowd, she comes to her senses but then, it’s too late.

How many of us have experienced this? We hear rumors or suspect that something is wrong in our relationship and instead of confronting our partner, we end up doing something impulsively.

Yes, it’s perfectly normal to be disheartened and heartbroken when everything’s not going well in our relationship but isn’t it the best thing to confront your own demons? We usually evade the issue and we end up talking to someone whom we’re not supposed to reveal our sentiments with.

Let me tell you a story. Someone cheated on her boyfriend years ago. She asked for forgiveness and they got back together. But unbeknown to her, he sought comfort in someone. They ended up being together while he was still being with her. After years of bearing the guilt and being understanding, she finally broke up with him.

We can’t correct a mistake by making one. If you can’t forgive, then let go. You both deserve to move on and be happy in life. There’s no point in torturing each other. Believe me, it won’t make you happy.

But of course, it’s also understandable that we tend to seek comfort in other people. It makes us feel good. It makes us feel that we’ve gotten even. But of course, the consequences will be something that we may regret later. And we can’t undo what has been done.

The best thing to do is confront the one you love when you feel that something is not going right. You’re both the main characters of your story, nobody else. Don’t you think it’s uncalled for to bring someone in who’s not even a part of your journey? It’s only fair to both of you to talk about it and see if you can still work it out. You may patch things up or you may not. But at the end of the day, you talk, you listen. There will always be two sides of a story. If one of you lies, you will know. And maybe that’s the time to let go.

Anyway, if you ask me if Noah and Elle have their happy ending, I guess they have. But well, they still have a long way to go. We just have to wait for The Kissing Booth 3.

The Kissing Booth series is streaming on Netflix. If you want to feel young or you’re young at heart or you just want to relate to the young ones, you can watch this film. It’s a “feel good” movie, by the way, never mind the shallowness of it. :)

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