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Of White Sand Beaches

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I started to become fascinated with white sand beaches and clear waters when I was a little girl. I remember we had a calendar with models in their bikinis posing along the shore of white sand beaches in different locations. I used to scan the calendar every time, looking at how the blue crystal waters looked so enticing. Of course, the models were really pretty but I was quite more interested with the background and the view. So I vowed to myself that I would go to one of these places someday. I was thinking of how the fine sand would feel beneath my feet and how it would be so perfect floating on the clear water. ​So together with my sisters, I set foot on the sandbar of Sumilon on the island of Cebu. I know, I should have gone first to Boracay. I’m not sure why I haven’t gone there yet when most of the people in this country have been going back to that famous island. Anyway, I hope I can go there someday. ​

The sandbar of Sumilon Island is located in Cebu, Philippines. On the right side is just a shallow portion for swimming. On the left side is a fish sanctuary where you can snorkel and watch the fish swimming below.

Then the gorgeous and breathtaking Maya Bay Beach located on the island of Phi Phi Leh in Krabi, Thailand came into view. I really can’t explain the feeling when I got there. I think it’s the most beautiful beach that I’ve been to. I know I haven’t gone to some beautiful islands in the world, but for now it’s the loveliest beach for me. This beach was added on my bucket list after I watched the movie The Beach that starred Leonardo di Caprio. I was mesmerized by the stunning view of this island. It didn't disappoint me. It’s really amazing. Going there is quite tough. If you take a speedboat, it will dock on the shore of the beach. But if you take a boat taxi, you need to dock just behind the beach and go through a rope to get there. I still suggest you take the speedboat. But if you’re up for adventure and just love the water and the waves, you can take the boat taxi. It’s quite cheaper.

I still have a lot of islands and beaches to go to. Hopefully, by the time my feet give up I have already gone to a lot of those exquisite beauty of nature.

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