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Second Chances

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I have already watched Ant-Man but I decided to watch it again to refresh myself before I watch its sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp. I didn’t expect this movie to be really good. But I truly enjoyed it. I have always loved Paul Rudd ever since I first saw him in Clueless and of course, Evangeline Lilly has always been adorable. Ant-Man is not my favorite superhero. It has always been Superman. But it’s not about his powers that made me endear to him. It’s his past life and how he became someone who saved the world and made a big impact on everybody’s lives. He became a hero without expecting he could be one. He was Scott Lang, a systems engineer who did the right thing in a wrongful way which caused him to be convicted and put behind bars. Sometimes, life plays a trick on us. We never know how things will turn out. The next thing we know, we are fighting evil. The next thing we know, we are given a second chance to do better in life. Being Ant-Man was Scott Lang’s second chance. The best thing was, he was willing to do the right thing. He was keen to put his past behind him and start anew. He was eager to make the most out of it. And he proved to his daughter that he had always been the hero that she thought he was. I have learned that we should never judge a person based on his past life, what he did wrong, what he even is presently. I always believe that life is like a wheel that goes round and round. We experience good times and we face bad times. We are not usually on top. The next day we wake up, we may be in someone else’s shoes. And I always believe in second chances as long as we are willing to get one. There was a guy who was considered the black sheep in the family. He was not really bad but he loved having drinking sprees with friends and wouldn’t back off from any fight. He was staying with his sister when he was younger and she got fed up and sent him home to their parents. So he enrolled in college at the age of 24, studying and working at the same time. One time he went to school and the teacher accused him of being drunk because his face looked so red. He told his teacher, “I am not drunk, Sir. I just spent the whole day under the heat of the sun and I just got off from work.” His teacher asked him what his work was. He replied, “I deliver soft drinks to stores, Sir.” He went on to graduate and married the girl he met while in his first year in school. And he became the best father in the world for his kids. That guy was my father. All of us deserve a second chance. We may make mistakes. We may stumble and fall. But we have the right to get up, start a new chapter and do better than before. There is more to life than wallowing in misery. It’s no use looking back at the past. We don’t linger in regret. We move forward, not backward. We pick up the pieces and put them back together, not letting them scattered by the wind. We deserve to be the hero we are to ourselves. I once fell down a few years ago. A lot of people had seen me so broken but they believed I couldn’t get out of it, that I would be stuck in the blaze that surrounded me. But I crawled out of it, stood up and took a step towards freedom from being locked up in bleakness. I just wanted to prove that I was not the wretched person that they thought I was. And I did it. I may not be successful in some things. I may not be a hero to everybody. But I’m proud to say that I’ve done well for myself and helped some people in my own little way. I’m happy that I proved that everybody deserves a second chance. I’m sure of it because I was given one.

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