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The Dog That Was Ebony

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

May 25, 2014. She was born among a litter of 4 and nobody wanted to have her. She had a body of a Dachshund but a face of a Chihuahua. She ran so fast that you couldn’t even catch up with her. She was so tiny and looked like a rat that I called her a “mouse dog”. I didn’t get a big chance to take care of her and be with her because a few months after she was born, I went away. I only got to see her when I went back home for a few days but she still recognized me, though, being sweet, letting me cuddle her and giving me sweet kisses.

I’m so sorry for not being there the whole time but I knew you were really taken good care of. We all have to go and it’s just so sad that you left so soon. I didn’t see it coming. Farewell, Ebony. I will really, really miss you more now that you’re gone and will never come back. I love you forever, my “mouse dog”.

I have posted this on my FB page 6 years ago on this same week when she crossed the rainbow bridge. I just want to remember her today by including this piece on my blog page.

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