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There’s Something About Lovely

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

One day, while waiting for a ride, somebody approached us and asked, “Are you twins?” Trying to play along with the woman’s assumption, I replied, “Yes, we are.” Then she replied in astonishment, “It’s amazing! You’re tall and (pointing at her) she’s not.” Hahaha!

We used to be mistaken as twins. I don’t know why. Aside from our height difference, she’s very pretty and I feel like so ordinary. But naughty as we were, we would just play along and tell everybody who asked us that we were twins.

How do I describe her? They say nobody's perfect. So, I'll describe her as closest to perfect. Aside from being one of the most beautiful women on this planet, she is a person with a golden heart. Along with her beautiful face is a very smart mind. And along with her wit is a very kind and loving nature.

She’s kind of timid but once you get to know her, you will definitely be into her. You will love to look at her while she talks, flips her hair, when she smiles or even when she just enters the room. There’s no dull moment when you’re with her. She has this soothing effect on anybody and you feel at ease just by being with her. If she's a movie, she's "There's Something About Mary". Everybody is just into her. Everybody loves her. Everybody wants her affection and love. She isn't called Lovely for nothing. Her name truly speaks of what a beautiful soul she is.

We have been friends for a long time now and I can say she’s one of those people whom you really want to be friends with. She always loves to please, assist you in any way possible and just be there when you need someone to talk to.

We've been through a lot in life but still, our friendship remains intact. She's still the same Lovely that I've known before. I don't remember any single moment that she has changed. Not one moment. That's why people tend to fall in love with her. I mean literally fall for her. There's something about her that makes you want to love and protect her. Her beauty is an exact replica of her beautiful heart.

We were usually together many years ago with our other friend Ofelia. As mentioned in my previous blog, we call ourselves FLOXCI. She’s the L. I’m the F and Ofelia is the O. We had our share of funny moments and sometimes, I wish we could go back to that time when we were still carefree and could just reach each other that easily. But time and distance have already hindered us from being together. I’m just glad we are just a chat or call away. I guess our love for each other makes us stay best of friends until now.

I remember when I was her escort during their ring hop ceremony during our senior year in college. And each escort had to say something about the participant. As we were standing in front of the audience, I was trying my very best to tell everyone what a wonderful person she is when on an impulse, I blurted out something like this, “She’s a frustrated model ‘coz she really wanted to be one but her height didn’t qualify.” Everybody in the room laughed and her classmates started calling her frustrated model after that. I don’t know if she regretted having me as her escort. Hahaha!

She will always be one of my best friends, the one who saw me at my worst and never judged me, who was there when everything was not going well in my life. Who can forget a friend like her? Nobody.

So, if you have her, keep her. Take care of her. Whoever gets to be her friend will be one very lucky person because she truly values friendship and she never lets anyone down.

There’s truly something about Lovely and it’s something anybody can never have.

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