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To a Brokenhearted You From Once a Brokenhearted Me

Dear Brokenhearted You,

“I really loved you but it was just not enough.” Those were the last words you heard from him before vanishing from your life. Everyone will tell you to move on. Easier said than done, you will say.

It’s never easy getting hurt. All your hopes, your dreams, they just fade away in a snap. You feel betrayed. You feel numb. You feel empty. You ask why. You blame yourself. How can this happen? What have I done wrong? But the truth is, you haven’t done anything wrong. You have just been a victim of unexpected turn of events. You have just been a prey to a person who doesn't have the balls to tell you earlier that it’s not going to work, that he hasn’t been in love with you in the first place, that he has just been looking for companionship.

Sometimes, we love and lose. Everything doesn’t have a perfect ending. Nothing lasts forever. When we love, we always invest all our time and emotions. But it’s not an assurance that the person will stay. No matter how hard we try, there is a possibility that he’s going to drift away. And you can’t do anything about it. Let him go. Let him float away from you. Don't run after him. He doesn’t deserve you in the first place. He may have taken all the love you have, but he can’t take away the pride which is all you have got.

Being heartbroken is painful. Nobody can describe how it feels. But you have to accept that he’s gone, never going to return. Move on. Enjoy life. There’s more to life than wallowing in misery. You deserve more than that.

And smile. There will always be a million reasons to do so. Life is always perfect when you wear one. And when the right time comes, the one who is meant for you will come and find you. You are ready to love again.


Once a Brokenhearted Me

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