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What If It Was Him and Me?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Photo Courtesy of Erika Enriquez

I was talking to a friend one day about our past adventures and fun escapades when we came across the topic of past relationships and a specific guy whom she thought fancied me before. Out of the blue she told me, “You’re supposed to end up together.”

Then it hit me. Yes, we could have been good together. We could have complemented each other. But it didn’t happen. It wasn’t meant to be.

I met him many years ago. We used to work together but belonged to different departments in the office. We didn’t become friends right there and then. It took us a while to bond.

I didn’t realize that he fancied me. But then again, I don’t usually entertain thoughts like that. I don’t see myself so attractive that guys will really get to like me at all. Though when I was younger, I was very transparent if I had a crush on someone. A friend even advised me not to be so obvious. So, from then on, I changed that.

He’s good-looking, actually. He’s smart, witty and we have the same interests. At that time, he didn’t have a girlfriend and I heard he was kind of picky. But I was in a relationship then. Though I didn’t give much thought about him, I could say I was thrilled to know that he liked me.

Not that I was falling in love with him. He’s just the type of guy whom any girl could want. Aside from being smart, he’s responsible, too. If I was not seeing someone then, I could have given us a chance if he pursued me. I guess I kind of liked him a bit or was it just because he wanted me?

Anyway, we became friends eventually, going out together with some of our friends. He’s fun to be with, going out of his way to please us and just going along with the flow of what the group wanted to do. He never complained. And the one thing that I loved most about him was that he never meddled with our personal lives. He didn’t judge us for what we did and what we were before.

I occasionally see him on Facebook though we don’t communicate often. We also got together once when I got home for a short vacation while I was still working abroad.

I saw him with some of our friends a few months ago. We had dinner and it was so good seeing him again. He hasn’t changed. He’s still the same reserved guy I’ve known before.

But before you get too excited about this, he’s already married. He married his high school classmate a few years ago. Everybody was surprised that he did because we weren’t expecting that he would. But of course, we were all so happy for him. At long last, he has found his forever love.

I remember a friend once told me that they would all come out of the woodwork once you are married. And most of the time, it gives you the thrill of still being wanted by someone even if you’re already taken.

I guess that’s what happened to me. No, I didn’t get married. I guess I was just flattered that he fancied me once upon a time.

I remember one night during a party, I received a text message from him saying, “You look wonderful tonight.” It really brought a huge smile on my face and several flutters to my heart.

Did you ever wonder about what if you ended up with someone other than your husband or your wife? It doesn’t mean you regret marrying him or her. It’s just that what would be your life if you ended up with that person aside from your wife or husband.

I did. Not that I pined for him. It was just a passing thought. What if it was him and me?

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